Monday, July 28, 2014

Snowy Beaches, Carnivals & Children

Behind the lens of a camera I have seen beauty; the beauty of nature, of hard work, and of imagination. I have walked gardens full of colorful foliage. I have felt the humidity of a conservatory like a sauna, housing thousands of butterflies. I have walked back in time to see a humble home, a president’s death bed, and a 391 foot bridge built by a former slave over 160 years ago.

Behind the lens of this camera, I have witnessed my mind’s eye come to life over the past couple of weeks. My freedom with nature and the break from normal routine has awakened beauty and creativity within me. I have dreamed colorful dreams; dreams with picturesque oceans, fluffy snow, old –time carnivals, children and red barns.

These images haven't escaped me in the moments since I've dreamed them. I've craved the ability to bring it to life somehow. God has shown me in my mind a place far beyond reality that I wish never to forget. Should my mind's eye slowly become blind to this picture, this place...I have created to the best of my ability a visual picture of the dream that has stirred my soul for days.


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