Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Graffiti Of The Heart

I did not permit it to scratch or scribble its way onto my heart. Illicitly, it stained the walls with permanency. It took up residence and I can’t clean it off no matter how hard I try.

A dream…
Of beauty and art
Of delicious emotions
With intense yearning
Of creative expression

I can’t travel without stopping the car if I see a beautiful sunset, a turtle crossing the street, or a picturesque flower. I've stopped in the middle of the street, breaks screeching, slamming the passenger into the dashboard all for the sake of a photograph. (Sorry Brandon)

Suddenly an image will come into my mind. I grab a pen, pencil, or white out pen, whatever I can find and begin to draw. I will pull out my pink bed sheet, a work of art within itself, stained with paint of every color imaginable. I will pull out my sheet and spread it across the dining room table, grab a canvas and paint brush and begin to use my mind to direct my hand.

I can be in the middle of listening to a song on the radio and my mind spews forth words that must be written. I don’t feel as if I can breathe properly until I type the last punctuation mark.

This dream to be creatively free and unafraid comes from a place deep within that no matter how hard I try to suppress it; be it weeks, months or even years…it springs back to life and becomes uncontrollable. Ever since I got my first diary over 25 years ago, ever since I wrote my first book of poems that sits in my closet on the top shelf, dusty; this dream of living a life of artistic expression waxes and wanes through my being.

This year, this week, this day..it is spilling over.

Here are some recent photographs and drawings of mine. I hope you enjoy.
(If the image is blurry, tap it to open)

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