Monday, March 17, 2014

I seriously must be the most sensitive person in the world to think the below is not okay.

Today, I read the below on Facebook:
ALERT: Oglethorpe Bridge traffic being rerouted
Albany Ga Police Department officials say that a 35-year-old man has threatened to jump and they are currently negotiating with him.

These were some of the comments:

“Hurry up and jump. The cops have other stuff to do.”
“How immature…please go ahead and jump. This is a stunt for attention.”
“Give him a…hotdog. That would change my mind.”
“Put him in jail where it’s warm and dry for a few days. That’s what he wants.”
“People that are planning to jump off a bridge, jump off said bridge. They don’t threaten.”

Seriously? Is this how we are to treat someone who is in a mental state of agony that all they want to do is end their life? Give him a hotdog? Go ahead and jump? WOW!!

Where is the compassion for other people? Are we so in tune to ourselves that we can’t see when someone else is hurting and try to reach out in love? Even if our offers for help return back to us unwanted, it is still our duty to love and give love to those in pain. To help others as the police were trying to do. I commend the APD for their efforts. Telling someone to go ahead and end their life as a favor to others is never okay.

No more words…

Update:  They were able to get him down safely!