Saturday, July 5, 2014

Relax, Release, Create

Ahhhhhh! I feel full...

Of peace and rest

The creative bug bit me this past week and I can't stop.

Photo Sessions
Painting Furniture

I feel like the woman I know God made me to be. It's been a while since I've felt this accomplished. It began Wednesday with one of the best photo sessions I've had in a while.

"A Sweet 16" Session:

Honestly, what is more fun than dressing up, hanging with your girlfriends, and playing with glitter? A photo session to capture it all.

Thursday I was a bit under the weather. After a trip to the doctor I was ordered to eat, sleep and spend time doing something I love. I immediately went to the library. If I was going to rest this weekend, it was going to be with a book. I spent most of the day Friday in the bed with my book. I was able to relax and began to feel better.

Saturday morning my Fiance and I went to a few yard sales. After spending $5 on a bookshelf and a side table my creative juices began to flow. I suddenly had the urge to repaint my new purchases as well as my bedroom furniture. We went to Lowe's and bought a few paint samples and brushes.

I am thoroughly pleased with all my pieces. Two nightstands, a dresser, side table and bookshelf all received a makeover.

Finally, I spent some creative time this evening exploring a new drawing and photography technique. Here are some of my favorites.  I may try to sell these as prints, iPhone cases, magnets and more. 

I have felt more accomplished in the past few days than I have felt in months. I am beyond thankful for the time I've had this weekend to relax, release, and create.

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