Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wash Clean

I'm sitting in a beautiful vacation home. It is dark with clouds outside and the thunder crashes through the house. It rattles the tin roof. My stepfather is beside me reading his Max Lucado book. My nephew is across from me quietly texting, as teens do. My brother is at the kitchen table reading news. My mother is in the kitchen. My other family members are all in their rooms resting. It is quiet. 

I've needed quiet for a while now, a break. My life is something of a whirlwind with constant motion. I'm not a constant motion person. I enjoy quiet and a slower paced lifestyle. This is partly due to the fact that no matter what the task at hand, washing dishes or completing a project for my boss, I rush. I tend to live my life in a hurry, dashing like a mad woman between point A and point B. Rushing so that I can stop. I am wound too tightly it seems. 

Maybe I am rushing so much because I have a dream I want fulfilled. And since I'm not much of a patient person, I believe I am rushing through life so I can get to my dream. I know this dream will come to fruition. However, how am I hurting myself while waiting?

Upset stomach, body aches and pains, anxiety, stress, pleasing others to the point that I not only neglect myself, but most importantly, God. Ignoring my health and the warning signs, then crashing when I've had enough. This crash then in turn disappoints me and makes me feel weak. 

I have to learn to slow down and practice being patient. I must be still and quiet. I will use this week away from responsibility to enjoy and just take life a little slower. Starting now. Bring on the rain and wash my soul clean.

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