Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tears, Fun and Rebellion

Why am I am emotional basket case lately? Like, seriously….why? So this weekend I was looking forward to all of the rest, no stress fun that I was going to have. I actually got to sleep in a little bit on Saturday and even had time for a nap! YAY!! But wait…the nap came after hours of being sick from my stupid IBS that flares up when I decide to stay up a little later the night before and munch on junk I know I shouldn’t be eating.
So, okay…I did it to myself. Doesn’t make it any easier, though.

Anyway, after being sick pretty much all day, crying from being sick all day and then passing out from pure pain and exhaustion, I readied myself for the two week planned date with my man. Dinner and a performance at our local theatre.  DINNER…after a full day of being sick.

Unseasoned grilled fish and grits were on the menu. $4.95 for a small piece of fish that I downed in .2 seconds. Yum!

So after getting our meal 5 minutes before we planned to leave the restaurant, we downed our food and headed to The Rylander for “The Squirm Burpee Circus” (not to be confused with what I had been experiencing ALL day.) I was actually really excited and things were looking up. I had held in my dinner. YES!!

We find our seats, settle in and the show begins. We listen to a nice introduction by an extremely adorable, cute woman who advises us there is to be no flash photography. Okay…so no FLASH photography. I can handle that. I will just turn off the flash on my phone and snap maybe 3-4 pictures throughout the show for the scrapbook of fun my boyfriend and I want to create together. I slyly take out my phone and 1,2,3 SNAP (no flash)…lay back down.

The woman beside me says, “I don’t know how to turn the flash off on my phone. Will you help me so I can take pictures, too?”  I agree to assist her. However, as she grabs her phone she notices it is turned off and says “Never mind, when I turn it back on it will make noise. Wish I would’ve asked you sooner.”

I grin because I am so smart and I thought to turn my flash off and leave my phone on. Go ME!!!!

After the third picture is taken, this lady…this extremely adorable, cute lady from before appears as if from nowhere. MAD. Not just a little upset, but MAD. With this look on her face that says to me “Rachel, you are 5 years old and just got caught marking the walls with permanent marker.” She says to me through gritted teeth and a pointed finger. “Please put the phone away.” As fast as she comes in, she is out.

Now an extremely levelheaded person who has not been emotional for the past few days nor has spent the day doing her own “Sqiurm Burpee” would have been like…pssshhh…whatever…okay…GEEZ! Me, no…not me. Me, well I pout. I think, but what about all these other people who have been doing it? Laughter surrounds me, people are watching the performance and clapping, boyfriend is nudging me when something hysterical happens and all I see are the tears filling my eyes begging not to escape and make look like an idiot.

Seriously! Why am I this upset? I am a grown woman!!

Finally, a few tears come as the lady in the seat beside me looks at me all “I’m glad I didn't get you to turn off my flash!” MORE tears. My loving boyfriend wraps his arm around me and asks if I am okay. I pretend I am not crying and smile for him because he is having such a wonderful time. All I can do is sit there and think to myself how silly I am for being this upset. I am thinking how I am wasting a perfect evening and money at that by feeling hurt.

After about five minutes of sulking, I come back to reality. I wipe my tears determined to enjoy the show. And I did enjoy the show. It was funny and a lot of fun, too. I look at my phone and see I have gotten several good pictures that extremely adorable, cute but MAD lady can’t take away from me. She also can’t take away the laughter or my boyfriend reaching for my hand or the fact that I look really cute tonight despite my day.

(Side note: I just want to say that I in no way blame this lady for my emotional incompetence, as she was just doing her job. She played a small part in my insanity. I know we have to do as we are required. This being said, maybe for the future she can just say NO photography allowed, instead of no FLASH photography)

So here world…here is proof of my rebellion in a non-flash photography kind of way...

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