Friday, February 28, 2014

My Camera Looks Unprofessional

I am getting excited. My photography side business is gaining a little speed. I just shot my first wedding a few weeks ago and let me tell you, I was nervous. First, I am not a professional and I don’t claim to be. Second, I really don’t have the equipment necessary to shoot weddings. My camera is old and small and I know when people see me pull it out, they think…seriously? I mean, I have a hard enough time photographing family and friends with this old contraption and know they think…huh; especially at birthday parties where my mad skills are requested. Half of the guests there pull out a bigger, more expensive camera than I have. Even at this wedding I just shot, there was a guest there snapping pictures that I really wanted to snag, but thought it would be rude.

However, once I began to edit these photos, I realized that I do have mad skills. (toot toot) Editing pictures for me is really the best part of photography. Not that I don’t love the one on one time I get to spend with my clients, I absolutely do. It is just that I can turn on my music and dive into a world of my own when I edit and to me, it is therapy.

I just created my first Wedding Package pricing guide and sent it to someone who saw my pictures from the wedding I just did and like them. Hey, seems my little camera is pretty awesome. (side note: I did borrow my sisters much cooler camera and used it as well. So I did look a little more professional)
I think my pricing sheets should come with a disclaimer that says “Warning: does not look like a professional. Your camera or your guest’s camera probably shoots better than mine. However, I rock at editing, so don’t worry.” (toot toot)

Here are a few images from the wedding:

I have a birthday party coming up tomorrow that I am going to capture for a great friend. I am excited to document her daughters day for her. So yeah, just wanted to share that I am enjoying the increase in business. Check out my Facebook page if you are ever interested in scheduling a session with me. 

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