Monday, March 16, 2015

Which Would You Prefer?

Chocolate Spread 1:Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Spread®
Ingredients: Dry Roasted Hazelnuts, Dry Roasted Almonds, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa, Organic Cocoa Butter, Palm Fruit Oil, Sea Salt, Natural Vanilla
Serving size: 2 tbsp.
180 Calories, 14g fat, 0mg Cholesterol, 8g Sugars, 4g Protein

Chocolate Spread 2:Nutella®
Ingredients: Sugar, Palm Oil, Hazelnuts, Cocoa, Skim Milk, Reduced Minerals, Whey, Lecithin as emulsifier (soy), Vanillin: an artificial flavor.
Serving size: 2 tbsp.
200 Calories, 12g fat, 0mg Cholesterol, 21g Sugars, 2g Protein

I love, love, love, adore, cherish, love, desire, crave, and love chocolate and strawberries. Before this lifestyle change, I would buy strawberries in bulk and a jar of Nutella® and dive into heaven. Since I have been making smarter food choices and discovered Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Spread® and began eating organic strawberries instead, my heaven became even more heavenly.

Yes, it costs more money, but listen…for me, making the right choices now instead of paying for them later is worth every extra penny I spend. Also, this is a treat for me. So if my budget won’t let me buy it, that really is okay…because treats shouldn't be consumed all the time. Adds to the waistline ;)

Also, notice the difference in the picture below between an organic strawberry and a non-organic one. The organic strawberry is smaller. While the conventional one is really big and appealing for the eye, it is not so much for the tummy.

For one, more than 40 different pesticides have been found on non-organic strawberries. Also, “organically grown strawberries are more nutritious than their chemically grown counterparts.” Finally, they contain more vitamins and antioxidants. 


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