Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I'm A Writer Ya'll!!

I did it, I did it, I did it!!! Well, God did it! Today, March 10, 2015 I submitted my very first article for PRINT you guys!! P-R-I-N-T!! Then want to know what I did after that? Submitted an invoice!! Like a, hey...I need some money...INVOICE!

I have always wanted to write and I have always wanted to write for God. All because a Facebook friend reached out to me to speak with her Publisher, meeting with said Publisher, and praying for the right words to type...God came through and did so in a major way for me.

I have officially submitted my first article for Sumter County Living Magazine and it will be delivered in August.  And you know what? These people aren't scared of God. They aren't afraid of hearing how He works in peoples lives and they aren't afraid to deliver it to the citizens of this county (and many others) through a hometown magazine.

I just can't stop basking in the glory of God right now and how awesome He is to allow me the chance to be a conduit for His greatness! How amazing He is to allow me to speak up for Him and use His name in a day and age when so many people are trying to silence it!

I wanted to celebrate with God in a major way today. When I got in my car, this song was playing. I turned the speakers up as loud as they would go and jammed out, sang along, cried and realized that my past is just that...my PAST!! When others say "you can't do this" or "you'll never be enough", etc... ignore it. And if this doesn't seem like a big deal, that is okay with me because it is to me, God, my husband, my family and my friends.



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